Some Things We Want You To Know

Hey friend! We're so excited that you stopped by our home to check us out! PWC is a dream that's been on our hearts for a while now and we're so excited to share this adventure with you. At the core of this crazy idea, we knew we wanted to be different. We've heard from a lot of you about the things you like and dislike about photography workshops and we're showing up, fully committed to implementing your feedback.  

Here's how we're different. First, we want you to know, when you come out on an adventure with us, we're there to help you capture that gorgeous shot. Just like you, we carry our gear to these locations, hoping to share in the moment. But, you'll never hear "just a second while I get this shot" from us. Once you have successfully captured that fleeting moment, we may grab a shot or two. If you have questions, we have answers. Your time is what's most important to us! Also, we're really passionate about supporting you as a photographer and doing so financially. We also know it's rare for couples to both have an interest in photography, leaving many to travel alone and away from your family, to pursue your passion. This takes not only time from your family, but also your resources, and we want to support you in that.  For this reason, we've eliminated double occupancy, and all tours booked with us (where lodging is provided) are single occupancy, at a double occupancy price!  If you want to save a little more, just let us know and we'll try to pair you with someone else on the trip who has those same interests. 

Our sole purpose for this company is to grow our existing friendships, make new ones, explore, and help you achieve all that is in your heart to capture. 

Very Sincerely,

Keith & Tiffany                                                                                                                                                              

A Little About Keith & Tiffany
Keith is an internationally award winning and published professional photographer. His images can be found in many stores throughout the country. Additionally, Keith is the owner and operator of Charleston Photography Tours and their online mentor-ship program, Sharpen Your Shutter. Keith has an abundance of passion for most things in life; God, his family (including their four dogs), music, critters of every kind and photography. He is a firm believer of living in the moment. His vision is to hopefully share some of the emotions and have you wonder what he experienced while capturing the moment. He believes that photographs work when people feel, even for a moment, that they are somewhere else, taking them far from the pressures of everyday life. Keith's advice for fellow photographers: 'Don't let rules or the work of others intimidate you. Of course there's something to be said for the perfect composition, but if you shoot because you're trying to impress or obtain the highest score, you will soon be robbed of the passion you once had'. Visit Keith's personal website and gallery of images at

Tiffany, also an award winning and published professional photographer, grew up in the beautiful province of Alberta, Canada. While living in Canada and playing in the Canadian Rockies, she developed her love for the wilderness and adventure. It’s also no coincidence that she found her passion for photography, specifically capturing the beauty and magic of landscapes. Her passion and talent has led her to receive the distinguished title of Diamond Photographer of the Year, from the Professional Photographers Association in both 2011 and 2013. This is a rare honor and difficult achievement. She has received her Masters of Photography from the PPA. Tiffany also is the Director of Advertising for the world’s leading online photography magazine, Landscape Photography Magazine and Wild Planet Photo Magazine. In addition, Tiffany is also a contributing writer for LPM. Along with Keith, she too has many images that can be found in stores across the country. Close to Tiffany's heart is her faith and her family. To view her images and read her blog (A Quest For LIght - Thoughts On Faith, Family and Photography) visit her personal website at