There's no place more charming than the beautiful Smoky Mountains! There are over 1,500 species of wildflowers that bloom in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, making this an extraordinary location for macro photography. Whether you're interested in wildflowers or the intricate patterns and features of the forest floor, this one day workshop is ideal for anyone looking to enhance their macro photography skills.

The historic communities within the Great Smokey Mountain National Park have a rich heritage of a another time when men and women experienced life and community in a different way. Children would attend school only 2 - 4 months out of each year, with the remaining time spent helping their families cultivate their land.

During this one day workshop, we'll enjoy a slow pace. The best macro photographs are achieved when you slow down, stop, study and observe the tiny world around you.


General Info
Destination: Great Smoky Mountains, TN - USA
Workshop Dates: April 11, 2020
Instructors: Keith & Tiffany Briley
Cost: $350 USD

Recommended Lodging
Townsend Gateway Inn
8270 TN-73
Townsend, TN 37882
We have group rates for our guests.
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Learning to capture breathtaking macro photography. Emphasis will be placed on enhancing your technical skills to capture the sharpest images, master selective focus, creating your own textures to apply to your images, and the art of processing your photography in a painterly way.
Beginner - Advanced

Our excursions are beneficial for both the beginner and seasoned photographer. All guests will experience one-on-one instruction, with the emphasis being on the individual's strengths and desires.

Most of the locations we have scheduled will be within the ability of anyone who is in moderate shape. Although a short hike will be necessary to arrive at some locations, the trails are not trecherous.
Trails - Rivers - Fields of Flowers

The Great Smoky Mountains offers intimate photo opportumites around every corner. We'll experience mountain trails, rivers, streams and wander through large fields of wildflowers.
Group Size
8 People

We believe group size is important for the ability to provide as much one-on-one instruction in the field as necessary. Due to the leisurely atmosphere, this group size will be four guests per instructor.

Your Experience
This one day workshop is a great opportuity for those wanting an immerseve experience with macro photography and with their camera. Whether you are just beginning your journey with photography or if you've been shooting for a long time, there is something for everyone. During this workshop we'll spend time time discussing art, the beauty of the subjective experience, composition and learning the rules so you can break them. In addition, we'll also learn to create techniques such as creating our own textures to apply to our photographs to give them a painterly expression!

Required Gear
• Digital SLR or Mirrorless Camera with Multiple Batteries & Memory Cards
• Macro Lens
• Sturdy Tripod
• Wireless Remote or Cable Release
• Circular Polarizer Filter
Topics We’ll Cover
• The secret to making an impact with your images
• The art of listening to your subject
• Understanding the value of being intentional
• The use of natural light
• Creating intriguing compositions
• Making full use of your histogram
• Focusing techniques
• Caputruing Water droplets
• Applying, creating and implementing textures
• Learning to create your own textures
• The steps to creating a painterly approach to your art
• Fundamental compositional tools

What's Included
Professional one-on-one instruction in the field, critiquing and preparing your captures for the digital darkroom, hours of shooting, many amazing images and several new friends!

Exclusive 3 months access to a personal mentoring community hosted by Keith & Tiffany Briley. Along with our post processing done during the workshop, you'll also have access to additional critiques, extended learning opportunities and a supportive community.

What's Not Included
Airfare, airport fees and taxes, visa fees, transportation, lodging and meals.

Trip Insurance
We encourage investing in trip insurance to cover your costs in the event an unforseen circumstance were to occur that requires you to cancel.

Payment and Cancellation Policy
A full payment of $350 USD is required to secure a space on this workshop. Booking for this workshop will be available until the date of start or all 8 spots have been taken. If you wish to cancel after full payment has been made, our cancellation and refund policy is stated below:

• 120 days or greater prior to workshop start date will be fully refunded, less $50 processing fee.
• 120-90 days prior to workshop start date will be 50% refundable.
• 90-30 days prior to workshop start date will be 25% refundable.
• 30 days prior to workshop start date are non-refundable.