Perhaps one of our favorite locations on the east coast, we are enthralled with the enchanting compositions and light that can be found throughout the Great Smoky Mountains.

We’ll take advantage of the famous “smoke” rolling over the peaks and filling the valleys, every morning. As many of you may know, the Smokies are saturated with streams, forest floors, and rushing waterfalls. Speaking of waterfalls, the national park is home to over 730 miles of mountain streams, which also host carpets of wildflowers and blooming Dogwoods, just waiting to be photographed. Also, not to be missed on our adventure are the locals including bear, elk and white tailed deer. We’ll spend our sunrises and sunsets photographing the beautiful mountain vistas. Our days will be spent seeking adventures while basking in the valleys, forests and chasing waterfalls.


General Info
Destination: Great Smoky Mountains, TN - USA
Workshop Dates: April 12th - 15th, 2020
Instructors: Keith & Tiffany Briley
Deposit: $250 USD
Cost: $975 USD
Recommended Lodging
Townsend Gateway Inn
8270 TN-73
Townsend, TN 37882
We have group rates for our guests.
Info will be included with your booking.
Cades Cove, Middle Prong River,
Grotto Falls, Clingman's Dome,
White Oak Sinks, Spruce Flat Falls,
Little River, Oconaluftee Overlook,
Tremont, Roaring Fork,
Newfound Gap Road,
Greenbriar, Laurel Creek and more!

Beginner - Advanced

Our excursions are beneficial for both the beginner and seasoned photographer. All guests will experience one-on-one instruction, with the emphasis being on the individual's strengths and desires.
Easy - Moderate

Most of the locations we have scheduled will be within the ability of anyone who is in moderate shape. Although a short hike will be necessary to arrive at some locations, the trails are not trecherous.
Mountains - Rivers - Trails

The Great Smoky Mountains hosts a very diverse landscape. We'll experience mountain trails, waterfalls, rivers, streams, overlooks into the valleys and wander through large fields of wildflowers.
Group Size
8 People

We believe group size is important for the ability to provide as much one-on-one instruction in the field as necessary. Due to the vast area we will cover, we are limiting this group size to four guests per instructor.

All locations and times visited will be determined by the conditions given. The itinerary below is provided to give an idea of the flow of each day. Times and locations may vary. All elements are watched closely for the best photographic and learning experience. During our first day we will cover camera settings, composition and guidlines. We will also spend time working on slow exposures and mastering the art of capturing water movement. This time in the field will be the foundation for the rest of our time together.

Bonus Session
We've listened to our guests and have implemented something that has been hugely beneficial in our time together. Each workshop group will be invited to a live, recorded, online critique and post processing session, a short time after the workshop. This makes way for more shooting in the field and the option to learn from the comfort of your home and the ability to refer to the recorded session for future reference.

Day One
Let’s get started on our adventure! We’ve all planned, packed and we’re ready to meet each other! We’ll all gather at the hotel for a meet and greet followed by dinner and our sunset location. We’ll keep it low key tonight while we begin our new friendships and cover photographic techniques.

Day Two
The sunrise waits for no one. We’ll be up and out of bed early to travel to our vista for sunrise. We’ll look forward to a busy day of exploring, photographing while taking time to stop for lunch. Directly following lunch, we’ll be back on our way into the forest for some of the most magical sites east of the Mississippi. The sun sets late this time of year, so we’ll stop for another bite of southern food before we head out for our sunset location and calling it a day. **Before lunch, we can get together for an optional photo critique of today's sunrise session.
Day Three
Today’s focus is moving water and motion in photography. We’ll discuss tips and tricks for identifying and creating movement and depth in our images. Once again, we’ll be sure to break for lunch and dinner, but a majority of the day will be spent knee deep in water. Don’t forget your boots or hip waiters! After dinner, we’ll gather together for our second photo critique where we’ll discuss composition. Guests are encouraged to select 1 – 2 of their best raw images from the trip thus far to share with the group.

Day Four
Last day! We guarantee friendships will be forged and we’re all going to wake up dreading that our amazing adventure is coming to a close. We’ll wake up early for sunrise and venture out to capture more of the beauty surrounding us. We’ll photograph into the day and break for lunch, where we’ll say our goodbyes.
Recommended Gear
• Digital SLR Camera with Multiple Batteries & Memory Cards
• Standard to Wide Lens with Lens Hood (10 - 70mm)
• Telephoto Lens with Lens Hood (70 - 600mm)
• Sturdy Tripod
• Wireless Remote or Cable Release
• Circular Polarizer Filter
• Neutral Density Filters
• Your Favorite Gear Backpack
• Clothing for Higher Elevations (Temps can sometimes drop into the 30's)
• Hiking Boots, Waders, Water Shoes
• Rain Jacket
• Headlamp or Flashlight
• Camera / Lens Rain Cover
• A Spirit of Adventure!
Topics We’ll Cover
• The secret to making an impact with your images
• How to set yourself up for success in the field
• From snapshots to fine art – making the most of the location
• The use of natural light
• Long exposure work with the use of filters
• Making full use of your histogram
• Getting past dynamic range.
• Manual bracketing
• Capturing water movement
• Proper exposure
• Getting the most out of your tools within your digital darkroom
• Sometimes, rules are meant to be broken

What's Included
Professional one-on-one instruction in the field, expert digital darkroom instruction and critiquing, hours and hours of shooting, many amazing images and several new friends!

What's Not Included
Airfare, hotel, airport fees and taxes, visa fees, meals and transportation (Participants are asked to carpool. Due to liability reasons, we are not able to transport guests).

Trip Insurance
We encourage investing in trip insurance to cover your costs in the event an unforseen circumstance were to occur that requires you to cancel.

Payment and Cancellation Policy
A non-refundable deposit of $250 USD is required to secure a space on this workshop. Balance is due 90 days prior to the workshop start date. If you wish to cancel after final payment has been made, our cancellation and refund policy is stated below:

• 90 - 30 days prior to workshop start date will be 25% refundable (minus non-refundable deposit)
• 30 days or less prior to workshop start date and no-shows will be non-refundable.