I just finished my third outing with these incredibly talented photographers and great teachers/guides. Keith and Tiffany are vivacious, engaging folks who make you feel like family immediately. On the recent Smokies tour there were several other “alumni” of previous tours and the camaraderie was great. Tiffany and Keith are attracting a loyal following of repeat guests, and it is easy to see why when you are with them. Two years ago, Tiffany quickly assessed my skill level and taught to my level, neither dumbing it down or overwhelming me. She made me feel good about what I knew so far and not feel bad about how much I had to learn yet. This year she did the same, and approached me at my (I like to think) higher skill level. No one at any skill level, total novice or total professional, will fail to learn something valuable from these folks. Keith did a great job of showing me how some previously-formidable post-processing techniques could be feasible instead. The level of attentiveness they show to their guests is unequaled in my experience. Out in the field Tiffany diagnosed a problem with my camera and right there on the side of a mountain pulled out her phone and started googling user forums of my camera to find a solution. The focus is on the guests having a good experience and getting their shots. Keith’s and Tiffany’s own cameras came out only rarely, and only when everyone had all the help they wanted first. I cannot recommend Tiffany and Keith highly enough. If you want to get some great shots, improve your skills and have fun with some wonderful, warm people, you will not be disappointed.
— David
Chesterfield, MO

I wanted to take this opportunity to share my feelings about the wonderful experience I had with Keith and Tiffany Briley. It has been my good fortune to participate in two of their workshops; Charleston and the Smokies. Additionally, I am off to Banff, in June of 2017, to join in my third workshop with this awesome pair of professionals. Every workshop that they present is of the utmost quality; from the scenery, to the shooting expertise, and on to post production instruction. However, what brings me back and what will continue to lure me to these workshops is the character, kindness, openness, and warmth of this married couple. The environment that they present encourages interaction not only with them, but with your fellow students. It is virtually impossible to come away without not only improved photography skills, but also new and valued friendships. I have returned home from each workshop with not only great photographs, but great memories and friendships. And no friendship is more valued than the one I share with Keith and Tiff - simply two of the nicest and best people you are ever going to meet. ATTEND A WORKSHOP! You will have a truly memorable and unique experience that will stay with you always.
— Mike
Chino Hills, CA

Not only are Tiffany and Keith ridiculously talented... they are patient, kind, encouraging and down right fun! This was the BEST trip my daughter and I have ever been on and it was all because of the Photography Workshop Company! Don’t miss out on incredible scenery, great people, and growth in your photography!!!
— Jennifer
Dawsonville, GA

This photography workshop with Keith and Tiffany was incredible. So much information, so many places visited. Sunrises, sunsets, beaches, swamps, refuge areas, historical areas, islands, vistas, and their knowledge base between the two of them was generously shared and helped me improve my shots tremendously. So much instruction, so many places visited. I’ve been photographing seriously for about a year, and Tiffany and Keith helped me with some of the functions of my camera and lenses, plus also helped with composition, lighting, etc. Any questions were knowledgeably answered. We had a small group of 12, carpooled to the various (and varied) locations, and it was a friendly group with lots of laughter. Can’t wait for the next photo workshop!
— Elaine
East Jewett, NY

This was my third trip with Keith and Tiffany and I’m already looking forward to my 4th. I loved how they take the time to get to know your goals and interests ahead of time and plan your time to maximize the results. Keith is a patient and great teacher. Every time I leave with fabulous photos, new skills and a heap of confidence.
— Lily
Brooklyn, NY