To say the skies over an unihabited, barrier island during a new moon are ideal for capturing the Milky Way is a huge understatement!

Imagine witnessing some of the darkest atmosphere you've ever laid eyes on while meandering among stoic, lifeless Live Oaks that have been peacefully resting in place for decades. The midnight boat ride to the island on our first night, blanketed with every star in the sky, will just be the beginning of our adventure. Our captain and guide will transport us to Capers Island, which is within the 66,000 acre Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge. Our destination? The Boneyard Beach! After sunrise, we'll venture through the wetlands on our way back to the mainland in search of all the wildlife the Carolina coast has to offer. For our second excursion, we'll spend the early am hours on the dark, east end of Folly Island taking advantage of its beautiful subject matter while capturing the Milky Way over the ebb and flow of the Atlantic.


General Info
Destination: Capers Island & Folly Island, SC - USA
Workshop Dates: April 19th - 21st, 2020
Instructors: Keith & Tiffany Briley
Deposit: $250 USD
Cost: $650 USD

Recommended Lodging
Hyatt House
2455 Prospect Drive
North Charleston, South Carolina 29406 843-735-7100
We have group rates available for our guests.
Info will be included with your booking.

Boat excursion from the estuary and through
the wetlands to an uninhabited island,
Milky Way and Astrophotography on Capers Island
and Folly Island, slow exposure photography
capturing the ebb and flow of the Atlantic surrounding stoic, statuesque Oaks and wood jetties as the sun breaks the horizon, dolphins, gators, bobcats, otters and every sea and shore
bird you can imagine!
Beginner - Advanced

Our excursions are beneficial for both the beginner and seasoned photographer. All guests will experience one-on-one instruction, with the emphasis being on the indivdual's strenghts and desires.

The locations we have scheduled will be within the ability of anyone who is in moderate shape. The Lowcountry is a very flat landscape which will require no strenuous hiking. There will be a couple of lenghthy beach walks.
Beaches - Jetties - Piers

For this workshop, we will be surrounding ourselves with the Atlantic and coastal subject matter such as jetties, lighthouses, dunes, large piers and boneyard beaches. We'll see an abundance of wildlife, too.
Group Size
12 People

We believe group size is important for the ability to provide as much one-on-one instruction in the field as necessary. Due to the knowledge of our home location, this group size will be six guests per instructor.

The locations, dates and times for this workshop are designated to gain the best possible photographic opportunities available. We will have many occasions and spend many hours to capture the Milky Way and other astro possibilities. If weather becomes an issue, we'll work around it and take advantage of the current elements provided. Regardless, we have a short time together and we're going to make sure every minute is packed with superior locations, photographic potential, and learning.

Bonus Session
Once everyone has returned home and caught up on some sleep, we'll schedule a live, online post processing session with the emphasis being on properly developing your Milky Way captures. We'll discuss software options and learn which tools are beneficial when editing the night sky.

Day One
We’ll all gather at the hotel for a meet and greet, followed by dinner and our sunset location within the Lowcountry. We'll begin our new friendships and cover photographic techniques and tips. We have a long morning in front of us, so we’ll keep it low key tonight.

Day Two
We'll make our way to the landing for our midnight boat excursion to Capers Island. We'll be transported from the mainland to the island while stars reflect off the still waters within the estuary and surrounding wetlands. Once we arrive and dock, we'll be transported by truck and trailer to the opposite side of the island where the Boneyard awaits. We'll spend many hours on the Boneyard Beach shooting the Milky Way and wrap up our morning by capturing sunrise as it breaks the horizon. Our naturalists will be on board sharing a wealth of information regarding the island and the surrounding waters as we make our way back. Be on the look out for gators, bobcats, otters, dolphins and many, many species of birds. Be sure to have those long lenses ready! Once we make it back to the landing and unload, we'll make our way for breakfast, then a long rest in our rooms before heading out for our next nightly adventure.
Day Three
After a long, much needed rest, we'll again gather for dinner before setting out for our next adventure. After our meal, we'll venture out to Folly Island to photograph sunset and begin to prepare for our Milky Way foreground opportunities. Here, we'll find wood and rock jetties, rippled sand dunes peppered with yellow wildflowers and the beautiful ebb and flow of the Atlantic surf. The Milky Way will be in all its glory for several hours, giving us many chances to be rewarded with that bucket list shot you've always wanted. With this being the last session together, you'll have the option to stick it out until sunrise, or head back to the room for some extra shut eye.
Recommended Gear
• Digital SLR or Mirrorless camera with Multiple Batteries & Memory Cards
• Wide Lens (10 - 20mm - Milky Way)
• Mid Range Lens (18 - 70mm - Sunrise & Sunset)
• Telephoto Lens with Lens Hood (300 - 600mm - Wildlife)
• Sturdy Tripod
• Wireless Remote or Cable Release
• Circular Polarizer Filter for Telephoto Lens
• Neutral Density Filters (For Sunrises)
• Micro-Fiber Cloths
• Your Favorite Gear Backpack
• Hiking Boots, Water Shoes, Rain Jacket
• Headlamp or Flashlight with Red Light Option
• Camera / Lens Rain Cover
• A Spirit of Adventure!
Topics We’ll Cover
• How to determine the best time to photograph the Milky Way
• Knowing your camera settings to obtain the best possible capture
• How to successfully find a sharp focus
• Determining what makes a good Milky Way composition
• Apps and tools to assist us in "getting the shot"
• Long exposure work with the use of filters
• Capturing water movement
• Making full use of your histogram
• Proper exposure

What's Included
Professional one-on-one instruction in the field, expert digital darkroom instruction and critiquing, hours and hours of shooting, many amazing images and several new friends!

What's Not Included
Airfare, hotel, airport fees and taxes, visa fees, meals and transportation (Participants are asked to carpool. Due to liability reasons, we are not able to transport guests).

Trip Insurance
We encourage investing in trip insurance to cover your costs in the event an unforseen circumstance were to occur that requires you to cancel.

Payment and Cancellation Policy
A non-refundable deposit of $250 USD is required to secure a space on this workshop. Balance is due 90 days prior to the workshop start date. If you wish to cancel after final payment has been made, our cancellation and refund policy is stated below:

• 90 - 30 days prior to workshop start date will be 25% refundable (minus non-refundable deposit)
• 30 days or less prior to workshop start date and
no-shows will be non-refundable.