Intimacy With Nature

It's dark as you hit the snooze button one more time. Sunrise waits for no one. You roll out of your warm bed, fumble around in the dark for the clothes shoved into your pack, grab your gear and without looking in the mirror you walk out the door of your hotel.  Driving through the dark, a special spot in mind, crunching leaves under your feet, branches breaking, you arrive. You wait.  Watching light, watching movement, scanning for your perfect composition.  

As predictable as the sunrise is, there's nothing routine about the display of rays, color and light. Click click click.   Working in tandem with the crescendo of light, you become a part of the scene. Alone at that place, you make a memory with the landscape.  Etched in your memory, waiting for you to go home and bring it back to life: Waiting for you to relive the moment.  

Intimacy with nature is the essence of all great photographic work.  Being content to sit for days on end, having no control over the climate or the elements, you wait.  Nature has only One Master, and it's not humanity.  Perhaps that's what keeps us passionate.  We can't control the light, the movement, or the shadows.  Humbly, we wait, we watch and we receive.  

We fall in love with the familiar.  There's beauty in a place you know well; It's like coming home.  The compositions are old friends.  Yet each display of light, each birth of morning is new, different, inviting.  

We crave the unknown.  Places undiscovered, not yet brought to life through the lens.  Places all our own.  It's a different type of falling in love.  You fumble your way around.  You sit quietly and watch.  Taking your time, exploring angles.  Watching the magic of changing light.  New sounds, new scents, and the location will unfold for those who are willing to be its servant.  

This is the art of photography.  Falling endlessly in love with nature is where it all begins. 

The source of our passion: Nature

With a deep breath I breathed in the scent of the azaleas in Charleston, and breathed out these words “nature is good for the soul”.  

That same day we watched the forecast and saw snow was predicted for the southern parts of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Needing a short break, Keith escaped in his truck to chase snow.  While there, everything that could go wrong seemed to happen until that one moment he stood with his feet at the edge of a river, a waterfall before him, and snow blanketed the tress.  The effort and obstacles were worth it.  Being in nature gave him room to breathe. 

Nature opens the doors to your soul and breaths life into your lungs.

In the end, isn’t that why we do what we do and why we get up in the wee hours of the morning to brave the cold and elements?  Whether you are a full time professional photographer, retired, or have an office that feels more like home than your own house, the one thing we have in common is our love of being outdoors.

If we assessed all the great landscape photographers of the past and those currently still making images today, the commonality is their passion for nature.  We know that staying in bed will result in missing 100% of the shots.  More importantly, the sacrifice of sleep will reward us with more than just a few pictures to show on Facebook or hang in our offices.  We’ll find that time spent getting lost near rushing waterfalls or on the side of the mountain speaks to something our soul longs for:  Adventure.  Combine crisp morning air, the earth offering up the fog to the still light of dawn and you’ll find the demands of your schedule and responsibilities dissipate.  That’s something the most luxurious of spas can’t offer.   

Explore for your heart, and the photographs will follow.